We help your company innovate and get competitiveness

We are an integrator of solutions in the area of technology, our objectives lead us to an action plan focused on helping our clients to overcome challenges with excellence.

RKE I.T Solutions was born based in the need of the market to offer customized products and systems to facilitate the performance of companies in various market niches, providing agility, safety and versatility based on solutions tied to Blockchain technology applications.

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Technological Solutions

for your company to advance with focus


Platforms developed and focused on high performance resulting in high volume transaction capacity, in reduced time with lower costs.


Expertise and multifunctional team focused on innovation and quality of software.


RKE I.T Solutions adopts the most modern and current control parameters, establishing rules and policies in order to avoid irregularities in the course of its commercial activities.


Ease and agility for implementation of integration processes.


Systems developed with an extra layer of security, we follow a strict compliance protocol when developing each project.


Effective communication in all areas of the project, efficiency and speed in customer service.

Why choose us?

Technologies and systems with guaranteed results

Earn on performance and get better results with our solutions.


RKE knows how to listen to your needs and customize them to the correct way.

Experienced and specialized staff

Our team is composed of experienced professionals, skilled and focused on the success of our clients.

Experience and Specialized Professionals

Technologies approved by the market

These are Some of the main features of RKE I.T Solutions

  • Specialized team aiming to develop the ideal solution for your business.

  • Development Methodologies that ensure safety and risk reduction.
  • Business consulting to outline the best project execution plan.
  • Flexibility in contracted scope.
  • Development plan driven by global transformations.
  • Fast response to new demands.
  • Transfer of technology with fast and simplified methods.
  • Monitoring and development of web projects improvement.
  • High investment in human and intellectual capital.
  • Global and multidisciplinary team focused on immediate results.

Innovation Management

The need for innovation has become mandatory and is no longer just a desirable condition in organizations. Innovate is to differentiate yourself from the competition, gaining advantage, increasing profits and delivering more value to society. However, to achieve these benefits it is necessary to implant a systematic innovation model, in other words, practice innovation continuously and in a planned way. The great challenge, however, is to make the organization’s innovation actions require the least possible effort and do not conflict with day-to-day activities. In this way, the innovation process becomes less costly and more efficient.


Technology and Innovation in favor of your business, RKE has a solution you need.

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